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Latest Release

By the end of 2019, Falcon Music released 5 songs by Wizzy, Ade Omar, Izza, Claresta, and our newcomer, Latisha Diva. It’s Falcon Music’s strategy to release 5 great songs from different artists at the same time


Classic Remaster

Falcon Music has a music catalog of over 11,000 songs. Featuring the works of legendary musicians such as Rhoma Irama, Iwan Fals, Ustad Uje, Mbah Surip, Haddad ALawi, Sule. Among the younger artists under the Falcon Music label are Wizzy, Dengarkan Dia, Goliath, Claresta, and Izza  

H Rhoma Irama

Iwan Fals

Ustad Uje

Mbah Surip