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Dilan childhood will be depicted in the 1983 film Dilan: Wo Ai Ni
26 Maret 2024

Jakarta - Falcon Pictures is again presenting the latest series of Dilan films, entitled Dilan 1983: Wo Ai Ni. This film, which tells the story of Dilan while in elementary school, was directed by Fajar Bustomi and written by Pidi Baiq and Alim Sudio.

Unlike previous stories which tell romance, Dilan 1983: Wo Ai Ni tells the story of Dilan, played by Adhiyat, who is a 12 year old boy who lives in Bandung.

In 1983, Dilan had to move to East Timor because his father was serving in the army. After a year and a half in East Timor, Dilan returned to Bandung.

After returning home, Dilan meets his old friend, Mei Lien, played by Malea Emma, a beautiful girl who moved from Semarang. Dilan likes Mei Lien, but he knows that they shouldn't date.

The author of the novel Dilan 1983: Wo Ai Ni, Pidi Baiq, revealed that he had difficulty finding the right figure to play Mei Lien and Dilan.

"The most difficult thing was when looking for Mei Lien, the same as when looking for Dilan. I searched on social media, until finally I found Malea. I immediately contacted Erica. But it turned out she was in America. But I wanted Malea, and it turned out she had been in Hollywood too," said Pidi Baiq during a press conference at the Falcon Pictures Office, Saturday (27/1/2024).

"We are very happy to be able to bring back the Dilan film that fans have been waiting for. The difficulty was finding Dilan and Malea. In fact, we searched for approximately 2 years until we finally found Adhiyat and Malea. Hopefully, this can become a film "which is entertaining for all Indonesian people," said Frederica as producer.

Adhiyat, who is trusted to play the character Dilan, admitted that he had learned about the figure of Dilan.

"I've learned a lot from Pidi's father and Fajar Bustomi's father. How Dilan speaks and his attitude. But everything is fine," explained Adhiyat.

The same thing was also conveyed by the actor in the film Mei Lien, Malea Emma. It's just that he needs to fluency Indonesian well.

"I really like it. The only difficulty is, I have to speak Indonesian. Luckily Uncle Norman taught me, so I can be even better at Indonesian. I like the friends here," said Malea Emma.

Meanwhile, Ira Wibowo, who was trusted again to play the character Bundarhara, had to lose weight in this film. Ira Wibowo admitted that he had to lose up to 10 kilograms of weight.

"Indeed, here I am playing a younger character, while I am getting older. So here I need to search for quite a long time. I have to lose 10 kilos to look younger," explained Ira Wibowo.

Apart from Adhiyat, Malea Emma, and Ira Wibowo, there are also other players, namely Bucek Depp, Ashel JKT 48, Zayyan Sakha, Cok Simbara, Muzakki, Queen, Sulthan, Ferdinand, Keanu Azka, Graciella Abigail, Shania Diva, Cleo, Quentin, Mieke Amalia, Annisa Hertami, and Daan Aria are involved in this film.

The film Dilan 1983: Wo Ai Ni is planned to be shown in cinemas in 2024.