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Successful in Thailand, Falcon Pictures Remakes Pee Mak Film with Title 'Kang Mak'
26 Maret 2024

Grid.ID - The PEE MAK film is one of the most popular films in Thailand with a horror comedy genre.

The production house Falcon Pictures remakes the film with the title 'Kang Mak'.

Kang Mak is directed by Herwin Novianto with the main actors Vino G Bastian and Marsha Timothy.

This film will just start shooting, Thursday (1/2/2024).

"We start shooting tomorrow, please pray for it to be successful. Apart from being good, the story can also be accepted globally so we want to adapt it to an Indonesian version," said Frederica as producer from Falcon Pictures at a press conference in the Duren Tiga area, South Jakarta, Wednesday (31/1/2024).

Cast as the main actor, Vino. G Bastian and Marsha Timothy are happy to be reunited in one film.

"It's really exciting, I play the role of Makmur. The one who is in love with his wife. And here I have the opportunity to act with Marsha in quite a lot of scenes," said Vino G Bastian.

"Here, I play a serious role. So, I don't get into jokes. My challenge as Sari, during filming, was trying to hold back my laughter," added Marsha Timothy.

Meanwhile, Tora Sudiro, Indra Jegel and Rigen Rakelna admitted that they had no difficulty building chemistry.

Because the three of them met in the film 'Mirecle on Cell 7'.

"Playing Jaka. Frankly, I can't talk much about the story," said Tora.

"I'm not too burdened, because the chemistry with the others has been built from the previous film," said Indra Jegel.

"We've also had intense conversations with everyone. We've even had conversations with Alim, because we want to include a comedy like this, will it disturb the story or not?" Rigen added.

It is known that the film written by Alim stars Vino G Bastian, Marsha Timothy, Tora Sudiro, Indro Warkop, Indra Jegel, Rigen Rakelna, Tj Ruth, Ence Bagus, Andre Taulany, Tarzan, Aming and Jirayut.

Kang Mak (from Pee Mak) is planned to be shown in Indonesian cinemas in 2024.