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The old horror film "Guna-Guna Istri Muda" is being re-produced
26 Maret 2024

Jakarta (ANTARA) - Falcon Pictures will release its first horror genre film entitled "Guna-Guna Wife Muda" which is a remake of an old film with the same title that was released in 1977.

Falcon Pictures producer Frederica revealed that the reason for remaking this film was because it had a strong story and would elevate this film with a more contemporary concept.

"We see the potential for the story to be interesting and we want to remake it into the current, modern version with more contemporary actors. We all know that the story has an interesting combination starting from horror actors, so the story is very strong and could be extraordinary film in cinemas later," said Frederica at a press conference in Jakarta, Thursday.

The making of this film was led by director Robby Ertanto. He said that the issues of black magic and polygamy presented in the previous film are still relevant today. This is what makes Robby want to elevate it to a higher-class horror.

"Even though it was made in 1977, the issue seems to be still current, because of the issue of young wives. Yes, we make it contemporary because the relationship will be strong in the actor's drama. What's interesting here is that everything is leveled up. "So, the horror of this 'Guna-Guna Young Wife' really feels like it's been taken to the next level," said Robby.

“The Magic of Young Wives” tells the story of Burhan (Anjasmara) who remarries a young girl named Angel (Carissa Perusset) in the middle of his marriage to his first wife Vivian (Lulu Tobing). However, it turns out that Angel has magic tricks to get close to Burhan and Roy. These spells will also destroy Vivian and Burhan's household.

Lulu Tobing, who plays the character Vivian, revealed that she had refused to play in this film. However, in the end he participated in the production process because he wanted to try something new.

"At first I refused because this is a genre that I avoid because I don't watch horror films. I was told that this film was packaged elegantly, different from before. I also wanted to gain new knowledge, try something new. With the lure of being able to produce something new. "It's that good, why not, that's why I then want to accept and be grateful that this is a good decision," he said.

Meanwhile, senior actor Anjasmara said that in his role this time he will represent a male character who will give the message of being a better human being than before.

“I represent men in general, usually the man owns the throne, and at the end of the day there is the woman. "And usually, because of women, - I represent that character - it can remind us all that we can be better human beings than before," he explained.

This film was written by Alim Sudio and Titien Wattimena. Apart from Lulu Tobing, Anjasmara, Happy Salma, Donny Damara, Carissa Perusset, and Abidzar Al Ghifari, this film also stars TJ Ruth, Elang El Gibran, Fergie Brittany, and Ara Ajisiwi. The production process will start on July 20, while the film will be released in 2024.