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Pidi Baiq and Falcon Pictures Announce New Novel and Film Dilan Wo Ai Ni 1983, What
15 Maret 2024

JawaPos.com - Dilan's story, which began with a novel by Pidi Baiq, continues with plans for a new novel.

The novel was announced by Pidi Baiq via his personal Instagram account, Wednesday (24/1), with a post containing the cover of Dilan's latest novel.

In the cover post, Dilan is seen wearing an elementary school uniform and riding a bicycle with the title at the top reading 'Dilan Wo Ai Ni 1983'.

"I wanted to write about Dilan in 1983, when Dilan was 12 years old, where Dilan lived with his family in East Timor province (now the country of Timor Leste) because he had to follow his father who served as a soldier," explained Pidi Baiq in the caption of his post.

Pidi Baiq continued, there Dilan got to know the Old Marcado market, Manatuto, Piquque, Baucau, the Santa Cruz church, and Xanana Gusmao, a Fretilin rebel figure, East Timor's freedom fighter.

Dilan is also said to have attended elementary school in Bairo Pite village, a state school behind which there is the Bebora river.

"In 1983, after a year and a half in East Timor, Dilan returned to Bandung and attended the elementary school where he had previously studied," explained the author.

Dilan will also be told about meeting his old friends again, as well as a new friend named Mei Lien, a six-month-old student who transferred from Semarang.

“Dilan likes it, but how can a child date him? "That's not allowed, and this is not a novel about dating, just ordinary puppy love in the midst of the horror of the mysterious shooting incident or what is abbreviated as Petrus, which was a secret operation during the New Order government," he continued.

The title Dilan Wo Ai Ni 1983 is thought to have something to do with Mei Lien making Dilan buy a Chinese dictionary.

Previously, Pidi Baiq had also posted the cover of the book Dilan Wo Ai Ni 1983 on his Instagram stories.