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#SecondChance #Reverse #Silvarani #Romance #Novel

Author            : Silvarani

Editor             : Falcon Publishing

ISBN               : 978-602-6714-14-5

Dimension      : 14 x 21 cm

Length            : 250 pages


Harmonica Medlina truly loves Gatan Akordio ex-vocalist of the famous Nocturne Band. But, in Gatan’s heart still lingers the shadow of Viola Acapella, the number 1 woman vocalist of the 90’s. An accident has taken Viola’s life several month before her wedding to Gatan, but the love story of Gatan & Viola is still alive in the hearts of the fans. On the 17th anniversary of Viola’s death, Nica flares up and forbids Gatan from going. To Gatan, Nica’s jealousy is unreasonable.

One day at Second Chance Cafe, Nica reminisces by buying The Best Of Nocturne cassette, and an old walkman to gi with it. Unexpectedly, the cassette and walkman brings Nica back to the past, to her highschool years in the 90’s.

Nica takes advantage of the miracle. She has only one wish: to secure Gatan’s love before Viola does. And for that, she has to go through so many memories, good and bad. Will Nica be able to seize her first love? Will she achieve happiness in the present by changing the past?