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Falcon Pictures and Prime Video Present the Inspirational Story of Indonesian Boxing Legend Ellyas Pical
15 Maret 2024

WARTAKOTALIVE.COM, JAKARTA - Falcon Pictures announced a collaboration with Prime Video to present a limited series biopic about the career of Indonesian boxing legend, Ellyas Pical.

This limited series, which consists of six episodes, will take viewers into the inspiring story of Ellyas Pical, from his childhood full of struggle in a remote village, to reaching the peak of glory in the world of international boxing.

Ellyas Pical, a boxer born in Saparua, Maluku, on March 24 1960, is an Indonesian boxing legend who has made a brilliant history.

He won the IBF world title in bantamweight in 1985.

This title made him the first Indonesian boxer to win the world title.

Throughout his career, Ellyas Pical has competed against world-class boxers and successfully defended his title five times.

Ellyas Pical's limited series examines his life journey, from his childhood full of limitations to his struggle to become a professional boxer.

Viewers are invited to see Ellyas Pical's dedication, discipline and unyielding spirit in achieving his dreams.

This limited series also shows another side of Ellyas Pical outside the boxing ring, including his personal life and the various obstacles he has to face.

Directed by Herwin Novianto, Ellyas Pical stars well-known Indonesian actors and actresses.

There are Denny Sumargo, Christine Hakim, Della Dartyan, (late) Yayu Unru, Donny Alamsyah, to Darius Sinathrya, Alfie Alfandy and Parisa Sham.

Meanwhile, the scenario was written by Alim Sudio.

Ellyas Pical's limited series premieres exclusively on Prime Video in Indonesia and more than 240 countries and regions in the world starting March 21, 2024 with the first two episodes. Two new episodes will be released weekly until April 4 2024. The Ellyas Pical series stars Denny Sumargo, Christine Hakim and Della Dartyan. (Falcon Pictures Documentation)

Falcon Pictures producer Frederica is thrilled to be collaborating with Prime Video.

"His global reach and commitment to authentic local stories provide the right stage to bring the story of the extraordinary journey of Indonesian legend Ellyas Pical to a world audience," said Frederica, Tuesday (12/3/2024).