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Sing Again If You Come Back, Andmesh Imagines the Figure of His Late Father
14 Maret 2024

jpnn.com, JAKARTA - Singer Andmesh Kamaleng had the opportunity to fill in the original soundtrack for the film Miracle in Cell No.7.

The man from NTT is believed to be covering the song Andaikan Kau Datang Lagi by Koes Plus.

Andmesh also admitted that he felt burdened singing the legendary band's hit song again.

Moreover, this song has also been arranged by several top musicians, such as Ruth Sahanaya and the band NOAH.

"This is a strong song, and it has been sung by several other musicians," said Andmesh when met in the Duren Tiga area, South Jakarta, Wednesday (24/8) evening.

Andmesh also tries to make the 'feeling' that emerges when he sings this song different from other musicians.

One way, during the recording process, Andmesh imagined the figure of his father who had died.

He described feeling sad because he could no longer meet the person he loved.

Andmesh Kamleng imagined the figure of his late father when covering the song If You Came Back.

Andmesh Kamaleng performs the song Andaikan Kau Came Back in the Duren Tiga area, South Jakarta, Wednesday (24/8). Photo: Romaida/JPNN.com

"I felt like I really wanted Dad to come again for me. Imagining Dad's face, maybe that was the difference," he said.

Thanks to this appreciation, the 25-year-old celebrity managed to complete the song If You Came Back in one recording.

"I take one vocal," added Andmesh. (mcr31/jpnn)