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KONI Center for appreciation of the biopic of the legendary boxer "Ellyas Pical"
22 Maret 2024

Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Central Indonesian National Sports Committee (KONI) appreciates the biopic of the legendary Indonesian boxer, "Ellyas Pical".

Reporting from the official statement from KONI Pusat, Wednesday, the biopic film "Ellyas Pical" tells the story of Ellyas Pical who inspired and motivated generations of Indonesian boxers today.

"As Chairman of the Central KONI, I appreciate Ellyas Pical's achievements and struggle for Indonesia, and thank and give the highest respect to Falcon Pictures and other supporting parties for creating such good work for Indonesian sports," said the Chairman of the Central KONI Lieutenant General TNI Retired Marciano Norman.

“This film is a tribute to Indonesian sports legends. "I hope that films about Indonesian sports can continue to grow, both in quantity and quality, so that they can motivate the younger generation to follow in the footsteps of becoming outstanding athletes," continued Marciano.

Ellyas Pical is a former boxer born in Saparua, Maluku, on March 24 1960. Ellyas has succeeded in becoming one of the legends of Indonesian boxing because of the series of brilliant achievements he has achieved.

Ellyas won the IBF world title in bantamweight in 1985 and became the first Indonesian boxer to win the world title.

Throughout his career, Ellyas Pical has competed against world-class boxers and successfully defended his title five times.

The "Ellyas Pical" series, which consists of six episodes, will thoroughly examine his life journey, starting from his childhood which was full of limitations, to his struggle to become a professional boxer.

The history and long journey of the Indonesian boxing legend is told in the film "Ellyas Pical". The film will be released in stages until the sixth episode. The first episode will air on March 21, 2024.

Falcon Pictures producer Erika admitted that it took a lot of effort to make the film so that the quality was satisfactory. He advised the management of the Central Indonesian National Sports Committee (KONI) who were present to help promote the film.

"This film is working well to motivate young people," said Ellyas Pical, who is also a member of the Central KONI.

In the future, KONI Center will also be committed to disseminating this film for the development of sports, especially boxing.