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#Blind #FalconPublishing #Comic #OneShot #GraphicNovel #Romance

Story  : Rebecca M Bath

Illustration     : Falcon Comics

ISBN               : 978-602- 14568-8-0

Dimension      : 14.5 x 21 cm

Length            : 182 pages


Benny is a below-average-looking guy whose confessions of love keep getting rejected, until one day he meets a blind girl who’s very good at painting. Benny even gets into a fight with his officemate, Ronald, because they both like Cinta.


Benny’s struggle for love doesn’t end there. Cinta’s Mom also doesn’t approve of her relationship with Benny. When Cinta is undergoing eye-surgery, Benny is in a dilemma of what hes should do. What if Cinta won’t like Benny anymore after seeing Ronald who is more handsome and rich?