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Author            : A. Fuadi

Editor             : Falcon Publishing

ISBN               : 978-602-60514-9-3

Dimension      : 14 x 21 cm

Length            : 382 pages


Hepi, a single wanderer who lits the flame of grudge on the lake side.

Martiaz, a father who breaks his paternal relation on the crossroad.

Datuk, a grandfather who wishes to redeem for past sins in a small mosque.

Pandeka Luko, a crazy hero mending old wounds in an old house.

Will “nature is the best teacher” become his life guide?

Can forgive and forget become the salve to all wounds?

Follow the adventure of Hepi with Attar, the sharpshooter, and Zen, the animal lover. Meet all the characters, adventure inyo a genie lair, face a man with tiger eyes, hunt ghost ship, and infiltrate a killer’s quarters. All to settle a grudge, and a yearning.