Koes Plus | a true story of Indonesian Legendary band of brothers

Koes Plus | a true story of Indonesian Legendary band of brothers

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — The journey of the legendary band, Koes Plus, will soon be made into a movie. The film will be made by Falcon Pictures production house, that had previously worked on Si Doel The Movie.

Falcon Pictures’ producer, Frederica, shared that they have already finished writing the film script. But they have yet to find the right actors to portray Tonny Koeswoyo, Yok Koeswoyo, Yon Koeswoyo and Murry.

“We are still looking for the right actors to play the Koes Plus personnels,” said Frederica in the press release received by CNNIndonesia.com, Friday (12/10).

The director’s chair will be filled by Rako Prijanto, who had previously worked on Teman Tapi Menikah movie. He admitted to being very excited to direct the movie when he first received the offer.

“Koes Plus songs are very close to our hearts, so we can imagine how the scenes are going to be, with all the emotions, and all the familiar Koes Plus songs playing in the background,” said Rako.

Koes Plus is one of Indonesia’s most popular band in the 1960s to 1980s era. Formed in 1960, the band was formerly called Koes Bersaudara.

Their name changed to Koes Plus in 1968 with the addition of a member who did not share the Koeswoyo name.

Koes Bersaudara was once jailed without due processes in Glodok Penentiary, Central Jakarta, in June 29, 1965.

The cause of their imprisonment was from their insistence to play rock n’ roll music with heavy Western influence, although it had been banned by Presiden Soekarno.

Koes Bersaudara was released in September 29, 1965. And until their release, there was never any clear explanation released by the government.

In March 2016, CNNIndonesia.com had met Yok and asked their incarceration case. He said that the sentence received by their band was just for dramatical emphasis.

“Back then, Bung Karno said, ‘Don’t play ngak ngik ngok music, or anything Elvis-like.’ Although we had no other intentions than to entertain our fans,” said Yok.

According to Yok, the Western-type music that they played was merely a small portion, because Koes Bersaudara was still playing lots of Indonesian songs, such as Senja, Telaga Sunyi and Dara Manisku.

“I feel that Koes Bersaudara was very cornered in that particular case,” said Yok.

Yok and his brothers said that they never want to tarnish Indonesia’s souvereignty. Koes Bersaudara’s intention was to make Indonesia known through music. For Yok, strengthening the country doesn’t always have to be through the military, but it can also be done through art.