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Author            : ADHAM T. FUSAMA

Editor             : Falcon Publishing

ISBN               : 978-602-6714-40-4

Dimension      : 14 x 20.5 cm

Length            : 388 pages


UGM has many haunted locations. There is a Bridge of the Virgin occupied by the ghost Mbak Rohana. FEB is inhabited by Mbak Yayuk, a female student ghost the campus building because she couldn’t finish her thesis. And at FT boulevard, students are banned from singing “Autumn Flower” at night unless they want to hear a mysterious sound or to be approached by a terrible creature. There are many other scary places … and all of them are covered by the YouTube channel, Kinan & Zein Lit AF (Mortal Nature Coverage).

The next target for Kinan and Zein is Gama Plaza, an abandoned building that becoming more and more haunted. Two years ago someone committed suicide at the fourth floor. It is said that he died due to the stress of class assignments. Kinan is really eager to investigate the location. She wants to prove the existence of ghosts there! Moreover, there are many strange events related to the building.

Gama Plaza is not only scary, but also a place of disaster. When an FEB student disappeared after receiving a letter from the person who had killed himself, Kinan and Zein realized that they were not facing a mere “ghost story”. They have raised spirits full of revenge. As a result, they must accept the consequences that endanger the lives of many people …

“One of the best horror novels I’ve ever read! Don’t say that you are horror lovers if you haven’t read the Letter of Death! ” Afitri Septina (septinawijaya), Wattpad reader & writer

“The story and ghost setting in this novel is real! That’s what makes this story so magical! Get ready, it will make you goosebumps and feel watched! Dare to read?” Fisilver, Wattpad reader