Ijo Tomat : Ikatan Jomblo Terhormat

Ijo Tomat : Ikatan Jomblo Terhormat

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Ijo Tomat : Ikatan Jomblo Terhormat

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Author            : Syakir Daulay

Editor             : Falcon Publishing

ISBN               : 978-602-6714-56-5

Dimension      : 13 x 20 cm

Length            : 194 pages


What’s up strong people? Those who are willing to be someone’s date yet never becoming his/her soulmate.

Well … who has such fate? Lost in the maze of love?
Through this book, Syakir will share the reality of today’s love stories. Various things about love from the perspective of a Syakir Daulay are here. And most of all, how to achieve the highest love in the universe, the love from The Owner of Love. Read it! Keep turning the pages until the very last page