'Si Juki' is The Best Animation Movie on Piala Citra Award

'Si Juki' is The Best Animation Movie on Piala Citra Award

‘Si Juki’ is The Best Animation Movie on Piala Citra AwardJakarta,

CNN Indonesia – Animated films have always attracted attention. And for Indonesia, animations have shown significant progress in the last few years.

In the 2018 Piala Citra, Faza Meonk’s Si Juki The Movie managed to outperform Keluarga Satu Setengah (Michaela Clarissa Devi), Knight Kris (William Fajito, Antonius), Terrorvision 3000 (Percelote Galactic), Thank You (Benvenuto Lucano A) and The Awakening Lullaby (Sendika R).

Faza Meonk himself was not present at the awarding night held at Taman Ismail Marzuki, Jakarta, Sunday (9/12). Instead, he was represented by a colleague who could not stop beaming on stage.

“Faza cannot be present tonight, but I think he is very happy with this award. Thank you to Falcon Pictures, and the friends who have supported us, I believe the animation industry will prosper in the future, “said Faza Meonk’s colleague, who remained unnamed, keeping the acceptance speech short.

The 2018 Piala Citra has a new concept and system, compared to previous years. This year, there wil be 22 winners from the categories to take home the gold plated trophy. The film, which was adapted from the comics tells the story of the character Si Juki. But different from the comics which tells of Juki’s daily life, this film directed and also written by Faza portrays Juki at the peak of fame.