Rentang Kisah | Based on Best Selling Novel by Gita Savitri

Rentang Kisah | Based on Best Selling Novel by Gita Savitri

Rentang Kisah, A Novel By Gita Savitri Is Adapted Into A Movie

Jakarta – Falcon Pictures production house is back to film a movie adapted from a novel. This time they are going make Rentang Kisah by Gita Savitri into a movie.

Previously, Falcon had already announced two novel-adaptation movies, Sin and Invalidite. Just like the other two novels, Rentang Kisah also has quite numerous readers. The novel Rentang Kisah is reportedly has been sold for more than 100 thousand copies.

Knowing that her novel attracted the interest of a production house had surprised Gita Savitri at first. “I never even dreamt to have my writings published by Gagas Media, and now Falcon Pictures wants to make it into a movie. But all of this is real, Rentang Kisah will have its own movie,” said Gita Savitri in her press release.

Rentang Kisah tells the story of Gita’s own experience during her college years in Germany. The woman who is also known as a Youtuber has poured some personal matters from her live in Germany into the book.

“Aside from the interesting story itself, Rentang Kisah is a best-seller novel sold for over 100 thousand copies, and has been reprinted 9 times. This is an amazing achievement for the novel,” said Falcon Pictures’ producer, Frederica.