#CRAZYRICHSURABAYAN | Trending stories on Twitter

#CRAZYRICHSURABAYAN | Trending stories on Twitter

#CRAZYRICHSURABAYAN | Trending stories on Twitter

Crazy Rich Asians has achieved global success. It was the first Hollywood movie for the silver screen in the last 25 years with an all-Asians cast. Not only that, the movie was a box office success. Crazy Rich Asians earned US$ 34 million within five days of showing. It is no wonder then that the Crazy Rich Asians phenomenon gave rise to the trending Crazy Rich Surabaya.

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In the trending Crazy Rich Surabaya, it is as if the people would like to show that Surabayans also own fantastic wealth just like Nicholas Young and his family. And although having lots of money, a lot of the memes shown that the rich Surabayan is happily sharing it with friends.

The new film by director Jon M Chu, Crazy Rich Asians, tells a story of a couple with a huge class difference between them, Nicholas Young played by Henry Golding and Rachel Chu played by Constance Wu. Nicholas is the son of a Singapore based tycoon, while Rachel is a young economic professor, the daughter of a Chinese immigrant who is now living in New York.

Here are 6 funny meme about Crazy Rich Surabaya

1. No-Limit Credit Card


In this meme, Herry SW who posts it shows that Surabayan owns no-limit credit cards, enough to buy a car. While the majority of Indonesians buy their car through a 5-year installment plan.

2. Buying Pong Tofu

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There are 2 golfers on a course. Golfer A asks his friend whether he has tried pong tofu A from the city of Kediri. His friend, Golfer B, says never. An hour later, a helicopter arrives bringing pong tofu from Kediri. Just like an online food delivery order. The only difference is, normal online food deliveries use motorcycles, while this uses helicopters

3. AC Repair Man

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This meme shows an AC repair guy who is late coming to one of his customers’ house. When the annoyed customer asks why he is 2 hours late, the repair guy says that he has just finished servicing 34 ACs. People would normally think that a building with 34 ACs must be a hotel, but the repair guy swears that it is a house. Can you imagine the size of the house?

4. Michael Buble

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A son calls his father who is attending a wedding ceremony of a friend in Surabaya. Suddenly the guests become hysterical. Turns out that Michael Bubble is present as a special guest. Who’s the special guest in your wedding?

5. Buying Pencil Case


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This meme is a conversation between a mother and her son’s private course tutor. The mother excuses her son for not being able to attend the course that day because he has left for Hongkong to buy a replacement for his broken pencil case.

6. Siberian Husky


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This time, a netizen seems to be sharing his experience in designing a room. The owner of the house insist that the room is fully equipped and fully air conditioned. Turns out, the expensive room is for a Siberian Husky dog. Is it true that a Surabayan will splurge on a luxurious room for his beloved pet dog just like this Crazy Rich Surabaya meme?