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#SecondChance #Replace #Arumi E #Romance #Novel

Author            : Arumi E

Editor             : Falcon Publishing

ISBN               : 978-602-6714-16-9

Dimension      : 14 x 21 cm

Length            : 378 pages


Throughout her life, Rara lives under the shadows of Sasi. Her older sister is near perfect: beauty and brain, the apple of their father’s eyes. Sasi is even trusted to head their family company, with Rara serving under her. Rara’s heart is complete to face the reality that Sasi is engaged to Sava, Rara’s first love.

One night at Second Chance Cafe, Rara pours her anger at Sasi. She wishes her sister to vanish from the face of the earth. Unexpectedly, her wish comes true. Not only her body, but her entire existence is erased, even from their family photos. Nobody knows about Sasi anymore, including their parents. Even Sava doesn’t remember about Sasi. At first, Rara is shaken, but Sasi’s disappearance benefits Rara.

Rara takes advantage of the miracle. She becomes the head of the family company, and has a chance to win Sava’s heart. But everything goes sour. Clients are unhappy, projects are close to failing, and Sava’s love is forever out of reach. Rara realizes that she needs her sister. The problem is, Rara doesn’t know why and how Sasi disappears. Rara has to get Sasi to come back, but how? Will her efforts end in success?