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#SecondChance #Revenge #AnggunPrameswari #Romance #Novel

Author            : Anggun Prameswari

Editor             : Falcon Publishing

ISBN               : 978-602-6714-15-2

Dimension      : 14 x 21 cm

Length            : 346 pages


Her boyfriend cheats with her own best friend. Her carreer as a writer is on the brink of failure. Bad memories from the past keep haunting her. And to top it off, she has an accident that almost cost her life. Lea’s life and heart is truly wrecked.

One day at Second Chance Cafe, Lea finds her second chance in the form of a vintage diary. She pours all of her feelings and wishes into it. The diary becomes her best friend. And Lea would never have expected that all the things she has written to become true. All of her wishes are realized just by writing them down.

Lea takes advantage of the miracle. There’s revenge for her boyfriend and best friend to be done. There’s past that has to be mended. And urgent feelings to express. Lea could not stop, even though the diary demands a price. Will Lea successfully avenge her broken heart? Will she receive regret from her cheating boyfriend?