Senandika Prisma

Senandika Prisma

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Senandika Prisma


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Penulis: Aditya Yudis

Penyunting: Jia Effendie

ISBN: 978-602-60514-2-4

Ukuran: 13 x 20 cm

Tebal: 204 pages


On the south corner of Jakarta, you’ll find it. The place is not as hot as other parts of Jakarta. The sky is everchanging, as if following the mood of the residents. You can find it easily. There are lots of houses there. And people call it Blue Valley.

House number 6 has just welcomed a new resident. Brown and furry. A gift for a cheerful and cute boy. His tiny lips always has on a smile that chases away sadness and infects you with cheerfulness.

But life always catches you off guard. House number 6 is cursed. The sweet girl living there gradually loses all hope. The planned marriage slowly turns into nothing but a dream. Prisma is on the verge of collapse, trying to hold on. He shoulders all of the burden, trying to find what was lost.