'Si Doel' Gala Premier in the Netherlands Attended by 1,800 viewers

'Si Doel' Gala Premier in the Netherlands Attended by 1,800 viewers

‘Si Doel’ Gala Premier in the Netherlands Attended by 1,800 viewers

A crowd of people gathered in front of Pathe Tuchinski theater, Amsteram, Holland, for the premiere of ” Si Doel the Movie”, Monday (23/7/2018) night local time.

Not only fans of ” Si Doel” who live in Amsterdam, many others also came from outside of Amsterdam, even from outside of Holland. Most of them had been following the story of “Si Doel” from its “Si Doel Anak Sekolahan” serial which was played on a certain tv station starting in 1993. They were willing to come and queue for hours before the theater opens, just to watch their idols in “Si Doel the Movie”. One of them is, Diana Rambitan who excused herself from work. Read also: Si Doel the Movie Would Be Premiered In A Historical Theater In Holland “I purposely excuse myself from work to watch Si Doel. I came from Rotterdam by train,” she said. According to her, even though it has been 14 years since the last episode of its serial, the stories of Si Doel are still close to the heart. “Memories of Si Doel is very lasting, because the stories are very timeless. I miss Si Doel so much, I’ve watched all the episodes of “Si Doel Anak Sekolahan” from A to Z,” said the woman who has been living in Holland for 18 years. Read also: Requested By Many, Si Doel The Movie Will Premiere In Holland There’s also: Jacqueline da Costa is very proud to see an Indonesian movie playing in Holland. “I’m very surprised to hear the news of Si Doel the Movie to be played at Pathe Tuchinski. This is a very prestigious theater in Holland,” she said. “I am a huge fan of Si Doel, even when they were shooting last March, I tried to visit the filming location, but failed to meet them,” she added. Also read: Armada Band Seized The Chance To Fill In Si Doel The Movie Soundtrack As disclosed by Rano Karno, who plays Si Doel and also the director of Si Doel the Movie, the number people who wished to watch the premiere of Si Doel the Movie in Holland overflowed. “When we arrived in Holland, we got the news that the number of viewers multiplied from 750 to 1,800 people. We had tried to add the number of theaters, but couldn’t,” said Rano. That also led him to hold a meet and greet before the gala premiere of Si Doel the Movie. The event received an enthusiastic response from the audience. Watching the cast of Si Doel the Movie coming to greet them, the audience shouted their idols name back and forth. Also read: Mandra’s Funy Stories From Shooting Si Doel In Holland That Will Make You Laugh The interesting thing was that they shouted the characters’ names from Si Doel, not the real names of the cast. The happy yet emotional atmosphere can be felt strongly from the huge enthusiasm of the audience in Holland. Proof of how the Si Doel story stays close to the hearts of its viewers. Even after more than a dozen of years had passed.

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Writer : Bestari Kumala Dewi

Editor : Ana Shofiana Syatiri