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Andmesh Tells About the Recording Process of the Song If You Come, OST Miracle in Cell No. 7
14 Maret 2024

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com - Singer Andmesh Kamaleng is trusted to provide the soundtrack for the film Miracle in Cell No. 7 Indonesian version.

Andmesh Kamaleng said that at first he was quite surprised when he received an offer to fill in the OST for the remake film from South Korea. "The moment was actually funny, because when I was told that I would be singing on the soundtrack for Miracle in Cell No. 7, I was quite surprised," said Andmesh Kamaleng when met in the South Jakarta area, Wednesday (24/8/2022) evening.

Andmesh said that initially he had done a demo or practice singing the OST song entitled "If You Came".

"We made an appointment for a workshop for the demo 'If You Came' and the demo should have further revisions," said Andmesh.

Unexpectedly, the Falcon production house immediately used the demo without any revisions.

"But the Falcon team and our team also asked for this demo to be used immediately," he added.

The singer from East Nusa Tenggara said that the song arrangements were made as simple as possible.

"You don't need to bother taking vocals and thinking about the arrangement anymore, it's really orchestral with piano and vocals. It's made really simple," added Andmesh.

"It turns out that a simple work can also convey feelings in the song too," he added.

For your information, Miracle in Cell No. 7 is a remake of the South Korean film with the same title which aired in 2013.

This film was directed by Hanung Bramantyo together with producer Frederica and writer Alim Sudio.

A number of actors such as Vino G Bastian, Graciella Abigail, Indro Warkop, Tora Sudiro, Bryan Domani, and Mawar de Jongh enliven this film.

Miracle in Cell No. 7 tells the story of a child's struggle to defend his mentally retarded father, who was sentenced to death for a mistake he did not commit.

One day, Kartika looked for her father who had not come home. Until finally he saw the news that his father was accused of being a criminal because he entered the yard and was accused of being involved in murder.

It was decided that Dodo would be taken to prison. While in prison, he met other inmates played by Indro, Tora Sudiro, Bryan Domani, Indra Jegel, and Rigen.

Missing him because he hadn't seen his son for a long time, Dodo asked his cellmates to bring Kartika to meet him.

They managed to smuggle Kartika into their detention room, namely cell number 7. Miracle in Cell No. 7 will be shown on September 8 2022 in cinemas.