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Falcon Pictures Remake Film Perfect Strangers, Starring Vino G Bastian
06 Juni 2023

Lovers of comedy drama films must be familiar with Perfect Strangers. This Italian film, which was released in 2016, was very popular in its time and even succeeded in winning various prestigious awards.

This year, Falcon Pictures officially announced the remake of Perfect Strangers. After the shooting process was over, the first look of the film was also announced.

Rako Prijanto was lined up to direct the film Perfect Strangers. He revealed how the twists and turns while working on this film.

"This is very different because at the same time all the characters are protagonists and antagonists at the same time," said Rako in a press release received by Kumbol, Friday (28/1).

"There are no main characters and supporting characters. Everything plays a very important role. The difficulty is how everyone can act flowing and naturally," he continued.

Vino G Bastian and Adipati Dolken said about their involvement in the film Perfect Strangers

The film will present many well-known artists and Vino G. Bastian will be one of them. The film star Wiro Sableng also agreed with Rako Prijanto's words.

"The difficulty in this film is maintaining a balance between the actors. To overcome these obstacles, that is certain with communication and discussion with the director and other players. We also have quite intense readings with the director and all the cast," he said.

On the other hand, Adipati Dolken said he was happy to be a part of this Perfect Strangers film. According to him, there were many new experiences gained while acting in this film.

"Hopefully, the film can be as successful as the original film, and of course entertain many people," said Adipati Dolken.

Apart from Vino G Bastian and Adipati Dolken, the film Perfect Strangers also stars Darius Sinathrya and Denny Sumargo. There are also Nadine Alexandra, Clara Bernadeth, and Jessica Mila.

The film Perfect Strangers is a box office film from Italy in 2016, which successfully made a profit of USD 31 million. Not only from a business standpoint, this film also won the David di Donatello award for the Best Film category.

This drama-comedy genre film also made world cinema history by winning a world record for the most number of remakes in a film. This film has been remade in 18 countries, from Spain, Mexico, South Korea (Intimate Strangers), France, to the Netherlands.

"Being able to get the trust to make this film in the Indonesian version is an honor for us, to be part of the big Perfect Stranger film family in the world," said Frederica, producer from Falcon Pictures.