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The film Mariposa is on the Google search list for 2020, here's Angga Yunanda's reaction
06 Juni 2023

jpnn.com, JAKARTA - Actor Angga Yunanda said he was surprised to learn that the film Mariposa was included in Google's search list for 2020. He did not expect that the film he starred in with Zara, ex-JKT48, would receive such high enthusiasm. "It's really amazing to see the Mariposa film on Google's trending list this year along with other films," said Angga Yunanda, Saturday (12/12).

"At first, I never expected with the enthusiasm of all my friends to become one of the trending ones on Google," he continued. According to Angga, there are many factors that have made the film Mariposa one of Google's trending ranks throughout 2020. "What is certain is that I am very grateful and can't wait to see this film re-run in theaters on December 31," he concluded.

It is known, throughout 2020, there were five Indonesian films most searched for based on the Year in Search 2020 list released by Google.com. The five films compete between popular Korean film and drama titles such as Crash Landing on You, It's Okay to Not Be Okay, to the film Mulan. Interestingly, Mariposa, which will return on December 31, 2020, is one of the most searched films on Google. (jlo/jpnn)