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Si Doel The Movie Gets Two MURI Awards
06 Juni 2023

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com - Si Doel The Movie won two awards at the same time from the Indonesian World Record Museum (MURI) as the first Indonesian film to be broadcast and a Gala Premiere in the Netherlands and an award as an Indonesian film with a Gala Premiere for two consecutive days.

The award was delivered directly by the founder of the Indonesian World Record Museum, Jaya Suprana, on the stage for the premiere of the film Si Doel The Movie at XXI Epicentrum, Rasuna Said, South Jakarta, Sunday (29/7/2018).

With this record achievement, the role artist who is also the director of Rano Karno admitted that he did not expect it.

"This is the highest thing for me. To be honest, I didn't expect Pak Jaya to monitor us. Maybe in language, he followed artists for a long time and I was in it," said Rano.

This is because, from the start, Frederica as a producer from Falcon Pictures only conveyed to Rano that the gala premiere would be held at the same time as the Betawi cultural event.

"Because Mrs. Erica said this was just a cultural activity, inviting 8,000 people. I was the one who asked to be packaged in the Betawi style because Doel lived there, he had been away for a long time and he had returned 14 years so he had to make something. I was shocked, I only found out two days then," Rano said.