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Dilan to Friends But Married, 11 Falcon Pictures Films Will Show on Netflix
06 Juni 2023

Netflix will present Indonesian box office films from the Falcon Pictures production house. In total there will be 11 films that will be screened in stages, starting with Bumi Manusia on April 23, 2020.

Apart from Bumi Manusia, a series of other Falcon Pictures films that are ready to be broadcast on Netflix, namely:

1. Si Doel The Movie

This film, which tells a love triangle between Doel, Sarah and Zaenab, is the first Indonesian film to hold a gala premiere in the Netherlands. Rano Karno won the Best Male Actor award at the Indonesian Movie Actor Awards. Since its release, this film has been watched by more than 1.7 million people.

2. Si Doel The Movie 2

This sequel to the film Si Doel The Movie tells the continuation of the increasingly complicated love story between Doel, Sarah and Zaenab. The audience is curious about Doel's attitude in choosing his love for Sarah or Zaenab.

3. The End of Si Doel's Love Story

This film is the final chapter in Doel's love journey in choosing his life partner. The End of Doel's Love Story has been watched by more than 1.1 million viewers.

4. Dylan 1990

The film based on this novel is ranked 2nd as the film with the highest number of viewers in the history of Indonesian cinema, namely more than 6.3 million viewers.

The film, starring Iqbaal Ramadhan and Vanesha Prescilla, won an award at the 2018 Indonesian Movie Actor Awards for the category of Favorite Couple and Favorite Film. Dilan 1990 also won an award for the Movie of the Year category at the 2018 Indonesian Choice Awards.

5. Dylan 1991

This second film in the Dilan trilogy, still tells the continuation of the love story of Dilan and Milea. Dilan 1991 was enjoyed by more than 5.2 million viewers and topped the list for the highest number of Indonesian film viewers in 2019.

6. Milea: Voice from Dilan

Telling the end of Milea and Dilan's love from a different perspective, this film is again listed as the Indonesian film with the highest number of viewers in 2020, with more than 3.1 million viewers.

7. Friends But Married

The film, based on the novel by Ayudia Bing Slamet and Ditto Percussion, stars Adipati Dolken and Vanesha Perscilla. Friend Tapi Married tells the story of Ditto's struggle to get Ayudia's love.

This film won more than 1.6 million viewers, and received nominations at the 2018 Indonesian Film Festival for the categories of Best Male Actor, Best Adapted Screenplay Writer, and Best Theme Songwriter.

8. Friends But Married 2

This sequel tells about the household life of Ayudia Bing Slamet and Ditto Percussion. Until now, the film Friends But Married 2 has received more than 800 thousand viewers.

10.My Stupid Boss

This comedy genre film won a number of awards, including the winner in the Best Male Leading Actor, Best Male Supporting Actor, and Best Picture Editing categories at the 2016 Indonesian Film Festival.

11. My Stupid Boss 2

This sequel to the film, starring Reza Rahadian and Bunga Citra Lestari, tells the story of Bossman and Kerani's adventures in finding workers in Vietnam. My Stupid Boss 2 received an award from the 2019 Indonesian Film Festival for the Best Makeup Artist Category.

Raphael Phang as Manager of Content Acquisition for Southeast Asia Netflix said, Falcon Pictures has high-quality films with strong storytelling, which are liked by many Netflix users in Indonesia.

"This confirms our commitment to support the film industry in Indonesia," he said, from a statement received by Kumbol, Tuesday (7/4).

Falcon Pictures producer, Frederica, thanked Netflix for agreeing to present the films she produced.

"With the presence of Falcon Pictures films on Netflix, it opens up opportunities for our films to be watched all over the world," he said.