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Falcon Pictures Announces 10 Most Awaited Indonesian Films by Viewers
06 Juni 2023

Jakarta, Beritasatu.com - The Covid-19 pandemic has not stopped the intention of the Falcon Pictures production house to continue producing the best films that Indonesian film lovers can enjoy. Through uploads on their official Instagram account @falconpictures_ ph which was successful with the film Warkop DKI Reborn, they announced the 10 most awaited film titles by the public.

The films that were planned to be released in 2021 and 2022 were actually planned to be shown from 2020 to 2021, but due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the films were postponed.

It was stated that the films were the film Buya Hamka starring Vino Bastian, the film Invalidite starring Jessica Mila and Omar Daniel, the film 12 Stories Glen Anggara starring Prilly Latuconsina and Junior Robert, the film Kata starring Vanesha Prescilla, Rizky Febian and Dikta , the film Miracle In Cell No 7, starring Vino Bastian, Indro Warkop and Mawar De Jongh.

Then the Hello Ghost film starring Onadio, Tora Sudiro and Enzy Storia, the Slamet Family film starring Indro Warkop and Dessy Ratnasari, the Cinta Subuh film starring Rey Mbayang and Dinda Hauw, the Lockdown film starring Vino Bastian and Mawar De Jongh, as well as the film Warkop DKI Cartoon, which again features Aliando Syarief, Adipati Dolken and Randy Danistha, is the most awaited film to be shown in all Indonesian cinemas in the upcoming 2021-2022 year.

Responding to this, a number of comments from netizens also commented a lot regarding the upload by Falcon Pictures.

"The films of the Slamet Family and Buya Hamka are very much awaited," wrote the account @aidelfitri.

"Buya Hamka sis Vino... When will Slamet's family, min? Pen see Desy's tea," wrote another netizen.

Based on these posts and comments, they immediately commented where the people's longing for homeland films brought fresh air to the Indonesian film world, which is currently not healthy due to this pandemic, getting a positive response from netizens. Because it didn't take long to get thousands of likes and hundreds of comments mentioning the title of the film that netizens had been waiting for.

If you look at the existing comments, the films Cinta Subuh and 12 Stories of Glen Anggara are included as the films most voted for by netizens in the comments column. The two films based on the novel by Ali Farighi compete with the film based on Luluk HF's work in the comments column. If you, what film are you most looking forward to?