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The Slamet Family Film is Coming Soon, The Cast is Cross Generations
06 Juni 2023

jpnn.com, JAKARTA - The production house of Falcon Pictures has released the first look of its newest film entitled The Slamet Family, which was adapted from the Indian box office, Badhaai Ho.

It is the first official Indian film adaptation. This family comedy genre film presents actors and actresses across generations.

Actor Onadio Leonardo will compete acting with Indro Warkop. He plays Adi, the son of Mr. Slamet and Mrs. Marni.

"The (family, red) conflict is very manly and the oldest child in the family. So, this is something really new. It's a challenge and it's really exciting," said Onadio in a written statement, Saturday (17/4).

Meanwhile, Indro Warkop, who plays Pak Slamet, the central character in this film, admits that he has a close relationship with the character he plays.

"Her character is straight forward. I really love and respect my mother. So, I really respect women, in life it's like that," said Indro.

Unlike Indro Warkop, Desy Ratnasari admits that the character he plays is different from himself.

“I am Mrs. Marni. She is very different from Dessy's character. Dessy is a career woman, she is a pure housewife. who takes care of his family. Full care of husband and children 100 percent," he said.

The film, which is planned to be shown in theaters, is also played by senior actors Widyawati, Abun Sungkar and Aurora Ribero. (jlo/jpnn)