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Family film Slamet, Indian film remake Badhaai Ho fights Indro Warkop and Desy Ratnasari
06 Juni 2023

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA - Two famous actors, Indro Warkop and Dessy Ratnasari were paired as husband and wife in the remake of the Indian film Badhaai Ho, made under the title "Slamet Family".

Dessy plays the character of Bu Marni, the wife of Pak Slamet, played by Indro.

Dessy admits that she is happy to be back in films after her comeback acting in the film Buya Hamka some time ago.

He considered accepting this film offer because of the interesting characters and story.

"I am Mrs. Marni. She is very different from Dessy's character. Dessy is a career woman, she is a pure housewife. She takes care of her family. Fully takes care of her husband and children 100 percent," said Dessy Ratnasari in the release of the Slamet Family film poster via webinar, Tuesday (18/8/2020).

Meanwhile, for Indro the film "Slamet Family" is a little close to his real life.

"My name here is Slamet. My character is straight-forward. I really love and respect my mother. So I respect women very much, in life it's like that," said Indro.

"Because my mother happens to live with me. So the outline of the course remains as it is," he continued.

Badhaai Ho, in the Indian version, tells a comedy drama story about a boy who has to accept the situation where his mother, who is elderly, is pregnant. This comedy-drama film also reaped a lot of praise from film critics.

Falcon Pictures producer Frederica also hopes to reap the same success.

"The first reason is that the story is good. The comedy drama is complex and the story is interesting. How can you be old but pregnant, then your child also wants to get married. That's why we are interested in making an Indo version of the remake, adapted to our culture," said Frederica.

In accordance with the original story, the Slamet Family film is not much different from the Badhaai Ho version. The film, which is planned to start shooting in August, will also present actors across generations.

”In accordance with the story of the original film, the Slamet Family will also present actors and actresses across generations. Please pray, shooting starts tomorrow, pray that all production processes can run smoothly," said Frederica again.

Apart from Indro Warkop and Dessy Ratnasari, the Slamet Family film stars actors across generations. Among them, Widyawati, Onadio Leonardo, Abun Sungkar and Aurora Ribero.