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Ahead of Eid al-Fitr, Kaesang Pangarep and Chef Arnold Present Comics and Novels
06 Juni 2023

JAKARTA - Kaesang Pangarep and Chef Arnold released their latest creation ahead of Eid al-Fitr. This time, they present a comic and a novel.

Under Falcon Publishing, Chef Arnold Poernomo presented a novel entitled Endog Philosophy, then Kecebong Kaesayang by Sang Javas and Kaesang Pangarep. Apart from them, there is also Flight Attendant Girl by Annastasia Anderson, Seasonal Lover by Dini Fitria, Nawaitu Cinta by Natta Reza, Matchmaker Sang Superstar by Santy Diliana, Haru Mahameru by Balakarsa, Gus' Second Wife by Anisa Ae, Warkop DKI Cartoon, Si Juki Anak Kosan # 1 by Faza Meonk.

”Besides having entertaining stories, we chose these books because they offer positive value. Like the one in Chef Arnold's book. There is a story of Chef's struggle from before his name became as big as it is now. Chef also teaches the importance of working hard and enjoying the hard work process to achieve something big," said Rina, Editor of Falcon Publishing.

Arnold Poernomo or better known as Chef Arnold stated, although he cannot be separated from the world of cooking, however, the book Endog Philosophy: Chef Arnold's Recipe for Life is not a food recipe book. This book is a collection of Chef Arnold's writings about life and hard work from his perspective.

“The process of writing this book took almost a year and contains many perspectives on life and hard work. Why is the title egg (endog)? Because eggs are very basic and very multifunctional. I also want to share about the importance of being persistent and hard work, because in this instant world, sometimes people tend to forget the process, even though to become someone it takes a process, it takes time,” explained Chef Arnold.

Kaesang Pangarep, the youngest son of President Joko Widodo, collaborated with the Sang Javas team to present a comic entitled Kecebong Kaesayangan. This comic tells about the life of a tadpole at the bottom of a pond. The pool which is named as Nusantara Pool is very unique. Because hundreds, even thousands of tadpoles, have lived here for generations. They act like human life.

This highlights the current state of affairs, as revealed by Kaesang. "In one of the stories in the comic there is a character who likes to spread hoaxes and it is described how the consequences of hoax news affect the peace of the Nusantara Pool. There is, for one thing, a tadpole who likes hoaxes. So if we use social media, we must be responsible," he said.

Meanwhile, the Sang Javas team added that the tadpole is a symbol. "We use the character of the tadpole, because it takes the analogy of the metamorphosis of a frog, from childhood to adulthood. A metamorphosis that leads to the hope to continue to process and grow to be big," he added.