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Held Virtually, Kwikku Fest 2021 Presents Dozens of Actors and Content Creators
06 Juni 2023

Jakarta: Kwikku Fest is back. Kwikku Fest 2021 will be held virtually for 10 days from 2 -11 April 2021.

kwikku Fest 2021 will bring in more than 80 cross-professional speakers such as actors, directors, content creators and influencers. This event will present talks about films, book launches and talks about other creative industries.

"Even though things are not going well until now, Kwikku does not want to stand idly by. For this reason, in 2021, we are presenting a grand Kwikku Fest 2021 event. This event will present various kinds of events, which of course will be adjusted to Kwikku's share. com, namely Gen Z and millennials," said the CEO of Kwikku.com, Hamdi in a written statement.

Kwikku Fest 2021 will also host watching together Indonesian films and Korean films such as Korean Train To Busan, comedy film Looks That Kills to film Stand By Me. There is also a flashfiction competition with prizes for Iphone 12 and big discounts for fans of novels and webtoons.

"More than 80 creators from various fields of art will appear and you can directly interact with your favorite creators instantly. There are also many knowledge-sharing programs that you can participate in. For those who only want to enjoy works of writing or films, this is where you are finding a world of diverse, quality choices because they are curated with attractive offers," said kwikku.com consultant, Richard Oh who is also known as a director.

For those who want to take part in the Kwikku Fest 2021 event, you can register directly on the kwikku.com page by entering your email address. The entire Kikku series can be enjoyed for free.


Editor : Eagle Riki Yanuar