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Seven Famous Directors Are Ready to Be Falcon Script Hunt Judges
06 Juni 2023

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA - The Falcon Pictures production house is holding a "Falcon Script Hunt", an event looking for talent in the field of film scenario writing.

This event, which has a total prize of IDR 350 million, will present seven well-known directors in Indonesia as judges.

The seven directors who are judges on the Falcon Scrip Hunt are Anggy Umbara, Fajar Bustomi, Rako Prijanto, Ifa Ifansyah, Danial Rifky, Indra Gunawan and Herwin Novianto.

Fajar Bustomi, who was successful with the Dilan film trilogy, admitted that the Falcin Script Hunt was very good for finding new talent in writing film scenarios.

"This is very good for finding new talents as screenwriters. Hopefully this can become a routine agenda every year which will produce reliable writers for Indonesian film," said Fajar Bustomi in a virtual press conference, Monday (7/9/2020).

"It is very important to hold it, because Indonesia needs fresh new stories and new writers who are smart and reliable," continued Anggy Umbara.

The director of the film Friends But Married, Rako Prijanto sees the event as a stage for young writers.

Meanwhile, Danial Rifki admitted that this event was expected to provide refreshment in the world of Indonesian films.

"The Falcon Script Hunt will be a stage for story writers to get established. It opens opportunities for young writers with fresh and new ideas. Because the audio-visual industry platforms, especially films, continue to develop according to the needs of the times," said Rako Prijanto.

"Falcon Script Hunt is an effort to refresh the theme by looking for clear and original ideas," said Danial Rifki.

The director of the film Garuda on My Chest, Ifa Ifansyah, agrees with what Danial Rifki said.

"In my opinion, Falcon Script Hunt is very good. We need lots of good stories and good stories can come from anywhere. So my hope is that with this program our film industry will have more stock stories and potential for good scripts," continued Ifa Ifansyah.

"At a minimum, this program can facilitate (new) writers who have difficulty conveying or realizing it into film media and generate new ideas or stories that are more diverse or produce new writers," explained Indra Gunawan.

Meanwhile, the director of the film Gila Lo Ndro, Herwin Novianto, is waiting for something new from new writers through this event.

"I'm waiting for an original story that is really Indonesian. It will definitely be exciting with the Script Hunt from Falcon Pictures," he said.

The Falcon Script Hunt, which has been held from September 1 to October 31, 2020. Later, the 7 judges will evaluate each written result.

If lucky, one of the judges will invite the best writers to work together to make the latest film.