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Looking for Film Screenplay Writers, Falcon Pictures Holds ''Falcon Script Hunt''
06 Juni 2023

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA - Falcon Pictures opens up opportunities for those of you who are interested in becoming screenwriters, to then work on the script into a film.

Through the "Falcon Script Hunt" event, the production house recruits new writers who have a talent for writing stories.

This competition will be held from 1 September to 31 October 2020 and will hunt for scripts themed “Stories of Life”.

Falcon Pictures producer, Frederica hopes that this event can become a place for young writers to work.

"On this occasion I would like to announce that Falcon will be doing a Script Hunt. Where the script we are looking for will be filmed with 7 well-known directors," said Frederica in a virtual press conference some time ago.

"The seven directors are Fajar Bustomi, Ifa Ifansyah, Danial Rifki, Anggy Umbara, Herwin Novianto, Indra Gunawan and Rako Prijanto," he explained.

Frederica said the competition was a way for the Falcon Picture production house to support new writers to continue working.

"This is a form of our consistency to provide a platform for Indonesian writers to continue working even though there is a Covid-19 pandemic. We must not give up, we must remain productive during this difficult time," he said.