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After just two days of airing, Rey Mbayang's song Perfect My Day has topped Youtube Trending
06 Juni 2023

Liputan6.com, Jakarta Rey Mbayang is so happy. After officially becoming a father with the birth of his first child, his new single dedicated to his baby immediately became a success.

The single entitled Perfect My Day is even more perfect by topping the YouTube trending. Not even 2 days since it aired on YouTube, the video clip has been watched by more than 2 million viewers.

Not only is it at the top of trending YouTube, on social media, many netizens also use this song as a backsound for their expression of love for their baby. For this achievement, Rey Mbayang is grateful.

Did not think

"Thank God, I really did not expect. I made the song Perfect My Day sincerely from my heart, Alhamdulillah, it reached the hearts of the listeners of this song," said Rey Mbayang in a written statement recently.

Happy Message

Rey also revealed how the message of happiness that she conveyed through this song could reach the community.

"Grateful, people can feel the happiness that I feel through the song Perfect My Day," he said.

Thank You

Dinda Hauw's husband also expressed his gratitude, for the prayers and support of all parties for this work.

"Thank you all my friends who have prayed and supported me a lot," concluded Rey Mbayang.