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Syakir Daulay and Adiba Remember Ustaz Jefri in Love Prayers
06 Juni 2023

Jakarta - After Heaven's Bidadari, Syakir Daulay and Adiba Khanza alias Adiba Uje returned to duet in the song Shalawat Cinta. They dedicated the song to commemorate the late Ustaz Jefri Al Buchori, a cleric who was Adiba's father who died in 2013.

"Alhamdulillah, the first single of my duet with Adiba entitled Bidadari Heaven has been accepted by the public. Now as a tribute to the late Uje, we are releasing another single by Uje, Shalawat Cinta," said Syakir Daulay via a press release received by detik.com.

Both Angels of Heaven and Shalawat Cinta are songs previously sung by Ustaz Jefri. Syakir Daulay hopes that by bringing the song back, it can cure his longing for Uje.

"Hopefully this can be a gift to treat our longing for Uje," he said.

Even though at first he felt insecure, Adiba admitted that the process of working on the new version of the song Shalawat Cinta went smoothly.

He felt that it was because he had previously sung the Angel of Heaven song.

"Alhamdulillah, this is my second single with Syakir. When I performed the song Angel of Heaven, I didn't feel confident. But everything went smoothly. I hope that the single Shalawat Cinta will be accepted," hoped Adiba.

When working on this song, they were assisted by Andi Armand in working on the musical arrangement.

Along with the release of the song Shalawat Cinta, Syakir Daulay and Adiba Khanza also released a video clip for the song. The process of working on the video clip involved Nugraha Fachri as the Director of Photography (DOP).

Previously, Syakir Daulay and Adiba sang a duet in Angels of Heaven, which is a memorable song between Ustaz Jefri and his wife, Umi Pipik.

"I know this song the most, what's the story behind it," said Umi Pipik in a virtual press conference when the song was released.