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The single ''Di Setiga Malam'' is ranked 1st trending on Youtube, Rey Imagine: Hopefully it will do good
06 Juni 2023

TRIBUNNEWS.COM - Rey Mbayang's latest single entitled "Di Setiga Malam" has been watched more than 3 million times on YouTube.

Because of this note, the single which tells the love story of Rey Mbayang and Dinda Hauw was rewarded with number one trending on Youtube.

Rey Mbayang did not expect that within three days, the video clip for his new single would be watched by many people.

“Frankly, I didn't expect it to be this fast. Thank you for all the support for my work. Hopefully the single Di Setiga Malam can give a lot of good to all who have watched and listened to the song," said Rey.

Rey also hopes that the message conveyed through this song can reach people who have listened to this song.

“Through the song Di Setiga Malam, I hope that people get used to always praying for the best for their soul mate, even though we don't know who our soul mate is yet. Because Allah must have prepared who our soul mate is. Hopefully this message can get through," he hoped.

Rey also thanked the many people who wholeheartedly supported the single Di Setiga Malam.

"I thank all those who have supported and inspired the birth of this single. Hopefully this can bring goodness to everyone, “concluded Rey.