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Didi Kempot's Last Release by SKI Records
06 Juni 2023

JAKARTA, suaramerdeka.com - The Indonesian entertainment world is grieving again. Campursari music maestro Didi Kempot, facing the Creator. This sad news shocked the Indonesian people. The singer, nicknamed the Godfather of Broken Heart, left golden works that are loved by all walks of life.

The song titled "Kapusan Janji" which he performed with Yuni Shara and "Ati Dudu Wesi", which he performed with Happy Asmara under the auspices of the SKI Music label seems to be Didi Kempot's last work.

SKI Records producer, Achmad Yusuf revealed, the songs "Kapusan Janji" and "Ati Dudu Wesi" will actually be released in the near future. However, with current circumstances, they are still adjusting the schedule for making the video clip.

"On behalf of SKI Music, we express our condolences for the death of Mas Didi Kempot. Frankly, we didn't expect this to happen. Because, actually in the near future, we will be releasing a single titled "Kapusan Janji" and "Ati Dudu Wesi by Didi Kempot, which will be sung with Yuni Shara and Happy Asmara. But, because of the Covid 19 pandemic, we are still hampered from making the video clip," he said in Jakarta, Tuesday (5/5).

Yusuf explained that SKI Record's collaboration with Didi Kempot had actually been established for a long time. In 2010, SKI Record released an album containing 14 songs by Didi Kempot. For 2020, Didi Kempot's second album which will contain 10 songs will be released.

"In total, our collaboration with Didi Kempot is 10 songs. Currently, there are 7 songs ready to be released. These songs are, "Kapusan Janji" Duet with Yuni Shara, "Ati Dudu Wesi" Duet with Happy Asmara, and the songs "Cemero Sewu", "Klentheng", "I Kudu Piye", "Nelongso Ati", and "Istighfar Your Strong Sak", performed solo by Didi Kempot. While 3 more songs are still in the process," he explained.

Farewell Didi Kempot, we and Ambyar's friends will always remember your works...don't make promises there. Dada goodbye dear.

Editor: Andika