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Playing Buya Hamka, Vino Bastian Uses Prosthetics to Get Similarities
22 Agustus 2022

TRIBUNNEWS.COM - The shooting process for the film Buya Hamka produced by Falcon Pictures and Starvision has just finished.

The film, which tells the story of Buya Hamka, stars well-known artists across generations.

They include Vino Bastian, Mawar De Jongh, Dessy Ratnasari and Laudya Chintya Bella, Dony Damara.

There are also Reza Rahadian, Ayu Laksmi, Mathias Muchus, Wafda, Rey Bong, Anjasmara, Beby Tsabina, and many other artists.

After completing the shooting process, the film Buya Hamka released first look photos.

Vino Bastian himself plays the character of Buya Hamka, young and old. According to him, to get the role is quite a long process.

"I've got this role since 2017 but it's only been realized now because of problems and there are several castings that I have received but I have to meet with the others, suitable or not," he said.

The film, which was shot in Egypt and Indonesia, features a very different Vino figure.

While filming, Vino used a prosthetic to get a resemblance to the figure of Buya Hamka.

“I have to do another make-up test. Yes, if it's face to face, it's hard to play. But assisted with make up and prosthetics. Hopefully this prosthetic can also help. So the casting process is not only found and obtained, but there is another test. I have also been tested to read the Koran, yes, I think everything is to reach a higher level, the effort is bigger, more," explained Vino.

Vino's co-star, Laudya Chintya Bella, admitted that the Buya Hamka film will be a film that will be remembered for a long time.

“This film is epic. This film is not only one or two years to be remembered, but for generations to come this film will still exist. This film is truly a historical film," he said

Meanwhile, Desy Ratnasari, who plays the character Safiyah, admitted that she found difficulties with the Padang dialect which she had to do while filming.

“I definitely have a language challenge in this film. But luckily I was given 2 language trainers who would teach us the Padang dialect and language during the shoot,” he said.

The director of the film Buya Hamka, Fajar Bustomi, said he was happy to be relieved after finishing this film.

“Alhamdulillah, I am very happy that the Buya Hamka film has finally been completed. Many stories of the manufacturing process. The filming process took approximately 65 days, the longest film I have ever made during my career as a director, starting in 2015 with Starvision and when I joined Falcon 2018,” he said.