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Rano Karno Wins Best Male Actor Award
15 Agustus 2022

JAKARTA - Rano Karno has proven that he still has qualities and abilities that are not inferior to younger actors even though he has taken a long break from acting. At the 2019 Indonesian Movie Actors (IMA) Awards, Thursday (14/3/2019) the actor was chosen as the Best Male Main Actor.

After the Favorite Male Actor in the 2019 Indonesian Movie Actors (IMA) Awards was won by Gading Marten through the film Love For Sale, the Best Male Actor was won by veteran actor Rano Karno, Thursday (14/3/2019). This award was chosen directly by the jury consisting of different backgrounds.

Although he has been absent from the film industry for a long time, Rano's acting ability in every film is unquestionable. To win this prestigious award at the 2019 IMA Awards is not easy. The reason is, in this category, Rano has to compete with other talented actors with a much younger age than him. They are Adipati Dolken, Ario Bayu, Augie Fantinus, Dion Wiyoko, Gading Marten and Ringgo Agus Rahman.

In his remarks when receiving this award, Rano said Si Doel The Movie 2 will be released on Eid al-Fitr 2019.

"Assalamualaikum, good night. First of all I want to say Alhamdulillah to Allah. Second, I would like to thank my wife and children who continue to accompany me with Si Doel's family and thank you to RCTI who every year broadcasts Si Doel starting from village children to becoming Governor. God willing, on the 2019 holiday we can meet the 2nd Si Doel," said Rano at Studio 14 MNC Studios, Jakarta, Thursday (14/3/2019).

In addition, the 2019 IMA Awards also gave another prestigious award, namely lifetime achievement to the famous director and actress, Jajang C Noer. This award was read out by the judges of the 2019 IMA Awards. Jajang C Noer himself started his career as a scene recorder. More than 30 film titles have been played by the 66-year-old woman and she has also won various prestigious awards both nationally and internationally.

"It is with pride that the lifetime achievement of the Indonesia Movie Actors Awards is given to Jajang C Noer," said Lukman Sardi as Chair of the 2019 IMA Awards Jury.

Not only as an actress, her career as a director began after the death of Arifin C Noer, who was none other than her husband. In fact, his dedication to the world of casting Jajang C Noer is believed to be a jury at various international film festivals.

 "Alhamdullilah, thank you to God for giving me this. Through Arifin C Noer who provided me and gave me the children who forced me because of them I worked until here. Thank you, mother, I was told to work so I got this. with my friends there were 10 people. I opened my WhatsApp, got a WhatsApp from Miss while crying brebes mili, while crying really I got lifetime achievement awards. Yes, thank you to the judges. Thank you to all the directors who have handled me , because after all the director plays an important role. No matter how good the actors are, if the director is stupid, everyone is stupid. Of them I am good. Thank you RCTI, thank you MNC and I want to share this with my grandchildren. Indonesian films must keep walking, keep walking until we're not there, keep walking," said Jajang.

The 2019 IMA Awards were attended by 55 film titles and from that number, 8 best categories were selected directly by the jury and 7 favorite categories were chosen by the public. All of these films are Indonesian films, whether aired at home or abroad with a period from March 1, 2018 to January 31, 2019.