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Doel's Love Story Ending Surpassed One Million Viewers
12 Februari 2020

Liputan6.com, Jakarta

As usual, every weekend, we give information updates from the box office. From the local scene, the film Doel's Love Story Ending finally garnered over one million viewers. This information was shared by Cinema 21 network official Instagram account.

"Thank God, more than 1 million viewers have watched #AkhirKisahCintaSiDoel (Doel's Love Story Ending)," Cinema 21 account stated while uploading an infographic containing data on the number of viewers.

The infographic with the poster of Doel's Love Story Ending movie was accompanied by the statement, "Thank you, 1,020,000 people have watched Doel's Love Story Ending."

This achievement places Doel's Love Story Ending as the second Indonesian film to reach one million viewers in 2019. Meanwhile, We'll Retell Today's Story Later has reached 2.2 million viewers. Regarding his movie's success, Rano Karno acknowledged Si Doel's character had a major impact on his career. "I have been doing acting for almost 50 years. Si Doel is me and I am Si Doel," the director and scenario writer of Doel's Love Story Ending, told Showbiz Liputan6.com in South Jakarta recently. Rano Karno said that Si Doel's story had become part of his life. "(The first time) I read the story of Si Doel was at the age of 8. There used to be a novel titled, Si Doel The Jakartan Boy. When the film titled Si Doel The Betawi Boy got made, I was trusted with the role. And the rest is history," recalls the actor who was born in Jakarta October 8, 1960. That moment compelled Rano Karno to produce the soap opera version which has been on TV since 1992. "It inspired me to make Si Doel The Educated Boy," he added. Judging by the words of Rano is Si Doel and Si Doel is Rano, it very well may be that the character has become his alter-ego. When confirmed about it, Rano did not argue. "Maybe, yeah. Perhaps," concluded the Best Male Actor in the 1990 Indonesian Film Festival with the film Taxi. Source : https://www.liputan6.com/showbiz/read/4170032/akhir-kisah-cinta-si-doel-tembus-sejuta-penonton