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Si Juki The Movie: Harta Pulau Monyet Was Produced With International Animation Standard
26 Desember 2019

Grid.ID - With the success of Si Juki The Movie in 2017, now Falcon Pictures is back to producing an animated film created by Faza Meonk, Si Juki The Movie: Harta Pulau Monyet.

For Si Juki The Movie: Harta Pulau Monyet, Faza Meonk produced it using international class advanced technology. The technology is chosen to give viewers new experience when watching local animation works. "Technically, we are also implementing an asset base system. So, all work is done on computers. No more work on paper," Faza Meonk said when met by Grid.ID in Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta on Monday (7/15).
"This standard is used internationally, so animators can explore more in depth of movements, forms and others, in addition it is also more efficient time-wise. So we hope that this Juki can be far more expressive and attractive than the previous Juki," explained Faza Meonk.
To support the story, Faza Meonk promises a different visual from the first film.Although the type of animation that will be shown is no different from the first Si Juki The Movie.
"The animation will be the same as Si Juki's previous film. But, visually, it's a bit different," he said. "We created a much more complex world of Juki than the previous one, because the story is set in a very different place," he concluded.
Si Juki The Movie: Harta Pulau Monyet still showcases the previous artists, including Indro Warkop, Jaja Miharja, Maya Wulan, and Wizzy. They are also supported by new characters that will be voiced by Mandra, Bryan Domani, Megan Domani, Andovi Da Lopez, Coki Pardede, Rigen, Muslim Tretan, Hifdzi, Sadana Agung, and Indra Jegel. <Sumber> https://www.grid.id/read/041787805/si-juki-the-movie-harta-pulau-monyet-dibuat-sekelas-produksi-animasi-internasional?page=all