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Launching His First Album, Izza Is Happy One Of The Song Was Arranged By Rendy Pandugo
20 Desember 2019

Kapanlagi.com - Izza, the young multitalented singer, has just launched his first album titled Delapan. Izza claims to be happy because one of the songs in it was arranged by his own idol, Rendy Pandugo.

Izza is a 19-year-old singer who was previously a member of the kid band Pangeranku. Now a teenager, Izza's name rises again through his duet with Wizzy in the song Baby, for the movie soundtrack of JOMBLO. "The first time was in 2007 with Pangeranku, the kid band version of Radja. I was a member, the vocalist. I was 7 then, now I am 19," he said during the press conference of his album launch in the Mampang Prapatan area, South Jakarta, Thursday (8/28).  
"I tried going indie and solo, finally joined Falcon in 2016, and was immediately given the soundtrack of the movie Jomblo with Wizzy," he continued.
In the production of Delapan, his first album, Izza claimed to be all business. He gave his all to create the perfect album, especially since this is his first. "What's difficult was collecting the song. Sometimes the materials I gave to Falcon got rejected, that's the most time consuming. At the same time, I want my first album to be perfect. I want it to be enjoyable to listen from all aspects, so I didn't play around, "he explained. On the other hand, his idol was also involved in a song on this album. It turned out that the idol is Rendy Pandugo who arranged a song titled Jatuh Cinta. Izza is truly happy.
"I was so excited. When I first heard the demo, I was very happy because it suits the path I want to take in music. Plus there's Rendy's name on it, I am also a fan. Just like a dream coming true," Izza added.
"I was shocked at the time. When we met, I asked, why did he agree to arrange my song. He said: Your song is really good, so let's arrange it. If I like the song, I will definitely arrange it, he said. He's really nice, and a perfectionist too, he won't rest if there's still something wrong," he concluded. <Sumber> https://musik.kapanlagi.com/berita/rilis-album-perdana-izza-bahagia-salah-satu-lagunya-diaransemen-rendy-pandugo-45661f.html