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Goliath Band Revamps Its Image With A New Comeback Song
20 Desember 2019

JAKARTA - Goliath band has made a comeback to Indonesia's music industry. The band, fronted by Ary (vocals), Ardy (keyboard), and Gie (drums) is introducing a new single titled Memilih Dia.

Goliath, known for the singles Cinta Monyet, Masih Di Sini Dengan Mu, Hanya Seribu and others, now comes with a new image. Goliath shifts away from the notes they usually played. This time, Goliath uses lots of minor notes. Slow-tempo songs with heartbreaking lyrics are the hallmarks of Goliath today.
"There are questions of why we changed, we want something a little different. We understand the familiar tone of Goliath music. But we want something new. It just so happens that we had gone vacuum for a bit, so now we try something slightly different and fresh," Gie said at a press conference in Kuningan, South Jakarta.
Goliath admits that the image change this time is a gamble. If the fans like the new image, Goliath will certainly keep it. But if many are against it, it's not set in stone. "If people think the current color of music is better, we will continue. If not, we are ready to go back to our previous one," explained Ary. <Sumber> https://today.line.me/id/pc/article/Hadir+Lagi+Goliath+Ubah+Citra+di+Lagu+Baru-65OVV6