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Iwan Fals And Once Fiersa Besari Perform The 'Bumi Manusia' Theme Song
20 Desember 2019

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia - Veteran singer Iwan Fals, with Once, and the rising star Fiersa Besari were all lined up to perform the theme song for the Bumi Manusia film. The three will sing the Indonesian national song, Ibu Pertiwi, re-arranged by Purwacaraka. Iwan admitted that he was very happy when he found out about the offer to sing the only theme song for this film.

"I am very happy. There are many extraordinary stories in the book. And when was this Ibu Pertiwi's year? Before 1945, right? It must be exciting," Iwan said in Pasar Minggu area on Thursday (7/25).
Once expressed something similar. However, he couldn't hide his worries when first offered to perform the theme song with Iwan Fals and Fiersa. To him, Ibu Pertiwi is a difficult song.
"At the time, my first concern was matching my voice to the song. The second was matching three singers. I was almost always worried about the vocal range, the key," Once said.
However, Once's fears disappeared after getting together and exploring the music with Purwacaraka and Iwan Fals. He thought the Ibu Pertiwi song will become more colorful with three different sound ranges. "I'm more assured. This song becomes so much more powerful. I'm proud to be involved. Hopefully the result will be good," Once said. Purwacaraka suggested the same. According to him, the different voices of the singers allowed him to freely explore. However, he arranged Ibu Pertiwi in simple tones to make it more touching. "Interestingly, Iwan is sexier in lower (tones). While Fiersa is in middle. Once in high. I could start from low, then go up, then up again, because there are three different ranges," said Purwacaraka. The film 'Bumi Manusia', directed by Hanung Bramantyo, was adapted directly from the book written by Pramoedya Ananta Toer. Hanung said that initially the film was to have no theme song, until he heard Ibu Pertiwi on YouTube. According to him, Ibu Pertiwi matches Bumi Manusia because both of them are about Indonesia. "I was casually browsing YouTube when I played Ibu Pertiwi, and it seems interesting. Bumi Manusia is indeed about Ibu Pertiwi (Mother Earth) who was struggling. Same with the song," said Hanung. He hopes that through the song by Iwan Fals, Once and Fiersa, the children of the nation will be spurred on to speak up more about Indonesia. "Pak Pram talked about Indonesia. The grandchild [format] of the book [Bumi Manusia] is film. So this film talked about Indonesia. The soundtrack is the great-grandchildren of Pak Pram so it also talked about Indonesia. So we don't want Ibu Pertiwi to be too Bumi Manusia," Hanung explained. Bumi Manusia tells the love story of two children of men, Minke and Annelies, during the early 20th Century colonial struggle Minke is an Indonesian youth of Javanese descent, son of a Regent, who falls in love with Annelies, an Indo-Dutch girl, daughter of a Nyai (mistress/concubine). The film, released on August 15, starred Iqbaal Ramadhan as Minke, Mawar Eva De Jongh as Annelies, and Sha Ine Febrianti as Nyai Ontosoroh. The film was also supported by the acting of Ayu Laksmi, Donny Damara, Jerome Kurnia, Giorgino Abraham, Bryan Domani, Christian Sugiono, Ciara Brosnan, and Hans de Krekker. <Sumber> https://musik.kapanlagi.com/berita/ditawari-nyanyikan-lagu-ibu-pertiwi-musisi-fiersa-besari-merasa-kerdil-fe575b.html