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Successful On Wattpad, Mariposa Will Be Made Into A Movie
23 Oktober 2019

Successful On Wattpad, Mariposa Will Be Made Into A Movie

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com - Two large production houses, Falcon Pictures and Starvision are collaborating again. The collaboration this time will be for a film project titled Mariposa. "This is the second film in which Falcon collaborates with Starvision, the first was in the film Buya Hamka," said Chand Parwez, Starvision's producer in a press conference announcing the Mariposa's cast at RBoJ Coffee, South Jakarta, Friday (11/10/2019). "Certainly happy and proud to be able to collaborate for the second time with Starvision. It will make this film more modern and contemporary," added Frederica, Falcon Pictures' producer. Mariposa is a film based on a novel by Luluk HF. The novel managed to attract 97 million readers on Wattpad. Mariposa will be directed by Fajar Bustomi, who is successful with the Dilan films. "We decided to write this novel into a screenplay. Starvision is amazed by the success of Dilan and I see the director who is suitable for Mariposa, namely Fajar Bustomi," he said. Mariposa tells the story of Acha, a high school student who pursues the love of her school friend, Iqbal. Luluk explained the meaning behind the Mariposa name and its relation to the story of Acha and Iqbal. "So Mariposa is from Spanish, which means butterfly. The philosophy is, if we chase a butterfly, it will run away, but if we just stay still, it will come to us. That's how Iqbal is towards Acha. Finally it became the title Mariposa," explained Luluk.   <sumber> https://entertainment.kompas.com/read/2019/10/11/163055310/sukses-di-wattpad-mariposa-jadi-film-layar-lebar