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Becoming A Trending Topic, Bumi Manusia Is Positively Received
17 Oktober 2019

Becoming A Trending Topic, Bumi Manusia Is Positively Received

Liputan6.com, Jakarta - Film Bumi Manusia, along with the film Fugitive, have been aired in theaters since August 15, 2019. Film Bumi Manusia, being a film that has been long awaited this year, received positive response from netizens, Indonesian movie lovers, and viewers from various walks of life. Even with a duration of 3 hours, the film is able to hold the audiences' attention not to move from their seat in the studio. One of them is the senior actress Christine Hakim. After watching Bumi Manusia, she expressed her admiration for the film. "Amazing, this is a really good film. It should get 10 million viewers. If it doesn't reach 10 million viewers, there is something wrong with this country," Christine Hakim said in a statement to reporters recently. In addition to Christine Hakim, many other Indonesian celebrities feel satisfied with the film based on the novel by Pramoedya Ananta Toer, such as Marcela Zalianty, Cinta Laura, Tissa Biani, and Maudy Ayunda. Not only that, the film Bumi Manusia also received positive appreciation from politicians and state officials such as Budiman Sudjatmiko and Minister of Education and Culture, Muhadjir Effendy. Extraordinary attention was also given by netizens and Indonesian movie lovers to the film Bumi Manusia. As stated by @aiyebe "Haven't had a chance to read the book & only see various reviews that gave a low rating for this film, but tonight I proved it myself. Those people are all nonsense #bumimanusia,". @TryMaharani19 wrote, "I don't understand anymore, I don't know what to say, just so awesome, makes me want to watch it againnnnn even though I want a different ending." Similar thing was also written by @ChardMaya. "Just finished watching Bumi Manusia, 3 hours well spent, true to & as good as the book, 9/10 "an educated person must be fair starting from his mind, and even more so in his deeds" -Pramoedya Ananta Toer-. Film observer Shandy Gasela has also fallen for the film Bumi Manusia. According to him, the film, starring Iqbaal Ramadan, Sha Ine Febryanti, and Mawar De Jongh, is the best film of Hanung Bramantyo yet. "Bumi Manusia: The best film produced by Falcon Pictures so far," he wrote. According to filmindonesia.or.id, on the first day of its screening, even though Bumi Manusia only has 4 shows per day, it was able to gain over 98 thousand viewers.   <sumber> https://www.liputan6.com/showbiz/read/4039528/jadi-trending-topic-film-bumi-manusia-diapresiasi-positif