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Sinematik Honored "Bumi Manusia" With An Award
17 Oktober 2019

Sinematik Honored "Bumi Manusia" With An Award

The Award for Archive Value Film Excellence in the name of the Award Excellence Sinematek Indonesia (AESI) was given to the film Bumi Manusia, Thursday (8/14) at Kemang Village XXI, Jakarta. The award was given by Akhlis Suryapati (Head of Sinematek Indonesia) and Sonny Pudjisasono (H Usmar Ismail Film Center Foundation), and received by Hanung Bramantyo (Director) accompanied by Salman Aristo (Screenwriter), Satrio Budiono (Music), and Rahmat Syiaful (Cameraman). The film Bumi Manusia, based on the novel by Pramoedya Ananta Toer, is considered by Sinematek Indonesia as a film that has merits to be archived, because it is brimming with historical values, culture, local wisdom, and also cinematographic artistry. "This film will be useful for a long period of time in the future, as a source of research, exploration, study, appreciation, and the likes," said Akhlis Suryapati. On that occasion, Hanung Bramantyo expressed his gratitude for the award that he received for the first time. "This award is for all supporting crews involved, because I won't be able to do this without them," said Hanung Bramantyo.   <sumber> https://mediaindonesia.com/read/detail/253512-sinematek-beri-penghargaan-untuk-film-bumi-manusia