Bumi Manusia  | Based on all time best seller by Pramoedya Anantatoer

Bumi Manusia | Based on all time best seller by Pramoedya Anantatoer

Blora – Soesilo Toer, the brother of Bumi Manusia’s author, Pramoedya Ananta Toer, sharedd his advice on the adaptation of Bumi Manusia into a movie, with Hanung Bramantyo as the director.

Soesilo Toer would like to remind the production team to truly discern the meaning of his brother’s writing well. He said, Bumi Manusia has a huge influence with regards to nationalism.

“If you read the book, it’s not just a matter of Bumi Manusia only, because it’s tied to our nation’s dignity, under the surface,” explained Soesilo Toer when detikcom visited his home.

Soesilo did not deny that, to the majority of people who just scratched the surface of the legendary novel ‘Bumi Manusia’, they will praise its adaptation. But to those that have read the book and understand it deeply, they will most probably be against its adaptation into a movie.

“Those who have directly read the book will have objections, but those who’ve only seen the filming, they will be full of praises. I’m somewhere in the middle,” he said.

He teased the bravery of the director, Hanung Bramantyo, in attempting to adapt the book into a movie.

“But I said, Bramantyo is indeed a brave man. True to Pram’s word, we have to live bravely, winning or losing is another matter. And only the braves can conquer three quarters of the world,” he said.

“If he (Bramantyo) only read the book lightly, the adaptation of Bumi Manusia will surely fail. He would have to immerse himself in it. It’s not simply a matter of dignity, but the price of our nationalism,” continued Soesilo.