Akhir Kisah Cinta Si Doel

Akhir Kisah Cinta Si Doel

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Akhir Kisah Cinta Si Doel

Akhir Kisah Cinta Si Doel (2020)

1h 33min | Drama | 23 January 2020 (Indonesia)

#Return Box Office

Total 1.150.000 viewers


Rano Karno, Maudy Koesnaedi, Cornelia Agatha



Produser Frederica

Sutradara Rano Karno

Penulis Rano Karno


RELEASE YEAR 23 January 2020


SARAH and DUL’s return to Jakarta is warmly received by DOEL’s family. But it also leaves ZAENAB, SARAH, and DOEL with big decisions to make. ZAENAB, who is pregnant again but still traumatized by having lost her baby previously, now has to choose between continuing to stay by DOEL’s side, or letting him go to mend back together his broken-up family. SARAH must decide between finalizing her divorce to DOEL, or to reconcile for the sake of DUL, her beloved son.And DOEL must quickly decide on whom he will choose. Will it be ZAENAB? Or SARAH? Or..? All of that will be answered in this concluding story of DOEL family’s journey. And after 27 years of warmth, Si Doel’s family will finally bid their farewell…