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Released on March 2018
Released on March 2018
Released On August 2017
Number 2 At Box Office
Released on October 2017
Released on September 2017
Best Cinematography FFB Winner
Released on December 2017
Released On September 2016
Smashes all time Indonesian Box Office Records
Released on May 2016
Number 3 at Box Office
Released On July 2016
Number 12 at Box Office
Released on March 2016
Number 8 at Box Office
Released on December 2015
Number 9 at Box Office
Falcon launches Klikfilm :
an application and portal
with hundreds of movies
Walisongo Graphic Novel
Wizzy, the musical sensation
Comic 8 sequel breaks
the record in its first day
Laura wins in IMA
A Musical bravura
Love Story: High School
Comic 8: Platformer